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Our company has more than 60 years of expertise in packaging manufacturing.
Among our clients are the most famous pastry chefs and chocolatiers, as well as famous hotels or rewarded restaurants.
We also address other areas such as cosmetics, cutlery, chemicals or even lockers for kindergartens!
Thanks to our partnership with a design company, we are also able to assist you in defining your visual identity.

Our strengths

industrial manufacturing and handmade capacity as well

<Automatic pasting and assembly machine>
A machine made to deliver large quantities: up to 1600 boxes per hour

<Semi-automatic assembling machine>
A machine made to deliver smaller quantities (300 pieces per hour)
People move the machine one by one to make a pasting box.

<handmade assembling>
The large boxes of various or complex shapes are assembled manually, using scissors and spatula by a professional craftsman.

we develop the best proposal to highlight your products

Listening skills are fundamental to better understand our customers’ expectations.

Sample boxes and papers are available in our Tokyo offices, so you can realize the quality of our products. (1 min walking from Meguro Station)

the best proposal aligned with your budget

<Proposal according to your budget>
We offer boxes and manufacturing methods suitable for all budgets.

<Assembly box>
We also offer boxes to assemble when the shape of the boxes is complex, or in the case of a large production at a lower cost.

<Cylindrical paper box>
We also produce cylindrical boxes, on which you can choose to print, make a hot stamping or add a ribbon according to your budget.

Strong knowledge of the sector and global network of suppliers.

<Technical Knowledge>
We have a strong expertise on papers used for the design of rigid boxes, but also more flexible assembly boxes.

<Paper Storage>
We have an large stock of paper available to deal with urgent requests.

<Ooverseas paper>
For our japanese customers, we are also able to propose paper that are usually not available in Japan.

The proposed designs are unique for each of our customers

<Creation of wooden pattern>
In order to respond quickly to any urgent request, we can create a wooden folding mold in our own factory.

The products are delivered by our own carrier, ensuring a follow-up as well as a solid quality of service.